We are so happy to be able to make this post. Our game, developed on the Byond platform, will soon be ready for play! We expect a release date before September, and our truly doing our best to complete the game while maintaining a level of excellence. Every icon, code line, and map layer is important to us; and, we want our players to have the best. Read on for more details!


In an alternate universe, the world has developed into a place of war. In this semi-modern setting, players will fight for dominance over the lands and resources for one end goal: total control over the peoples' and traditions. While two factions fight for control, the world watches and chooses sides; however, new powers are stirring... Can a war be won when attacks are coming from all sides?

Players may choose to play any of three factions, or create characters that break the mold. Resources and training will aid players in advancement.


Samurai: A noble faction of men and women devoted to the sword, the south-dwelling samurai are known for their code of conduct and honorable persona. They battle the ninja, whose ways they cannot understand. Bull headed or bright, these warriors are not to be taken lightly.

Ninja: The ninja are subtle and manipulative. Their arts lay in ranged combat, favoring thrown weapons and poisons to do their dirty work for them. Every ninja has his own code, his own method by which he trains and advances - physically and spiritually. The northern shadow dwellers are a fierce people of high standards.

Monk: They call the east their home, so they may begin every day with the rise of the sun. To them, all is sacred - it would not exist if it did not have meaning; however, these holy people are often led by their heart to do good. Monks have their own way of doing things, but often travel to foreign lands. Whether it is the samurai, shinobi, or factionless, the lend aid to those in need.

Factionless: There is no true home for these people, who have come from many places. They may wander, or stay for a time. Their aim is their own, and they fight for no one; unless, their life depends on it. These travellers are typically skilled craftsman who have learned to live off the land.