Here are a few guidelines for requests:

1. Be concise, but descriptive. If we have to ask too many questions, we may not be able to give you a proper answer.

2. If you do not receive an answer within a week, you may bump. Do not bump or ask in game for the forum to be checked. Do not submit multiple requests for the same thing.

3. If someone has requested what you would like to request, you may request it for yourself. Take caution, if it was denied the first time it is likely that it may be denied the second time.

4. When a request is denied, you may resubmit it under the same discussion (as a reply) with the updated information; otherwise, do not submit a modified request.

5. No isn't always final, but it usually is. If we say no, we will not accept the request without modification. We may offer compromise, but our say is final.

Template below. To use, delete the examples and fill in the blanks with your information. Submit in a NEW discussion on the request board.

Byond Key:

Character Name: (if new character, leave blank

Request Type: (i.e., wiki page, custom talent, custom skill, event, etc.)                                       

Request Premise: (i.e., 'The Kata clan is five members strong and notable. We are recognized be the city of Reizei and the Ukeoinin. We would like a page to describe our history and characteristics. Some pertinent information is: we were here when Reizei was founded, we often share the traits of white hair and blue eyes, and our clan is known for using large sheilds in battle.')