This minor profession allows you to turn mineral resources into weapons and armor. The different levels of crafting dictate what you can make at any given time. Crafters can sell their wares for money, or make orders for their faction under order.

Minerals Edit

Mine dot the land, some richer than others. Mineral resources are gathered from nodes through out these mines. There is a certain amount of required resources for each item you may make.

In-Game Edit

To receive items and spend mineral resources, you must ask an admin for help. We are working on a built in system.

Main Talents Edit

Apprentice Blacksmith [1] Edit

- Still learning. This individual may craft crude weapons from rock, wood, and bronze. These weapons are often rugged, lacking sharp edges; however, attackers carrying these weapons may still prove lethal.

Note: May make bokken without approval, but may only equip one per combat situation. Other weapons must be approved by Admin.

Journeyman Blacksmith [2] Edit

- Knowledgable in his craft, this individual may make Medium armor from metal chains fastened into hardened leather straps. This person may also craft a range of common weapons; however, superior weapons may break them (strength of fighter versus fighter.)

Note: Medium Armor +2 Durability against blunt objects (including fists), but requires 2 core talents. Individual may make medium armor; katana, senbon, kunai, shuriken, and wakizashi out of combat and at a forge.

Master Blacksmith [3] Edit

- Heavy armor sounds just as it is; scales are no joke. This master blacksmith is capable of crafting renowned weapons and scale armor. These weapons are not just metal, but also the hardest ceramic known to man. Each piece is crafted with care and knowledge.

Note: Heavy Armor +2 Durability and +1 Stamina against all weapons, but requires 2 core talents and at least 1 profession talent.