Core talents are basic, talking directly of basic physical feats such as strength and endurance. All are listed below, as well as on the main talent page.

Strength Edit

Dumbbells [1] Edit

- This person has trained to be strong, and so they are!

Burly, Like a Lumberjack [2] Edit

- Often seen wearing plaid and toting around trees, this person is pretty damn strong - they beat most people in arm wrestling.

Do you even lift? [3] Edit

- Positively. Hand this person a mustache, because they may act like a sir while throwing humans through fiery hoops. They are the epitome of human strength, even seeming a little superhuman at times.

Speed Edit

Gotta Go Fast [1] Edit

- Imagine this: a marathon runner vs. a speed walker. It makes me chuckle. This fine person has trained long and hard to be able to outrun his peers.

Note: Plus 1 tile movement.

Gotta Go Faster [2] Edit

- Excelling at forward movement seems fairly redundant, but this person does it well. They may even seem like a blur… well, rarely and only when they’re headed for the Free Sample Saturdays.

Note: Plus 2 tile movement.

So Fast, So Fast [3] Edit

- The epitome of speed… this person outstrips their peers quite efficiently, having a slight advantage in chase scenarios and rarely losing races.

Note: Plus 3 tile movement.

Stamina Edit

Hearty, Healthy [1] Edit

- This person is good at recovery, finding themselves more easily able to recover from minor wounds and cuts. In fights, they are harder to where down and take a bit longer to tire.

One More Bowl of Cheerios [2] Edit

- Heart healthy and body conscious, this individual has worked especially hard to keep their body in shape and at its maximum potential. They last longer, heal easier, and have reduced down times.

Reflexes Edit

Mr. Miyagi [1] Edit

- This person can catch a fly with nothing but chopsticks. They are adept at using muscles in quick and concise movements in order to avoid some incoming hits, or to prepare for them.

Note: “Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.”

Nine Lives [2] Edit

- Cat like reflexes are no joke. This person can move deftly and rearrange their flexible bodies beyond ordinary skill, allowing for him to dodge more often. Movement across rough terrain is easier for them, and the have a raised ability to protect themselves from damage they know is coming.

Rope Walker [3] Edit

- With exceptional balance and flexibility, this person has mastered acrobatics. They may even fit themselves in a glass box, if the occasion calls for it. Their body is like silly putty and can do nearly imaginable things, and their advanced control of their musculature gives them ample room to dodge or prepare for hits.

Focus Edit

Through the Looking Glass [1] Edit

- Focusing on a target may be difficult, especially if they are keen on escape. This person has the ability to more easily track such targets. As well, when trying to land a precise blow, they have a greater chance of success.

Microscopic Intensity [2] Edit

- This talent allows for raised perception in singular moments, when the individual’s focus narrows to a single point. They are like no other, easily tracking any target they can see, hear, or smell. Their blows are precise and may be more impacting.

Durability Edit

Cry Baby [1] Edit

- After much training, and probably a few after school sessions of getting his lunch money stolen, little Timmy has toughened up. So has this individual. Minor hits are like nothing and knock out blows be damned. It takes a little extra punch to put them down. Critical areas are affected as always.

Note: “My baby, ho ho! He's such a.. cry baby, whoa ho! He’s such a.. cry baby, cryin’ all the time.”

Tough as Nails [2] Edit

- This individual has a thick hide. It takes a bit more than stick and stones to rip into them, and the effects of concussive blows are lessened. Minor hits don’t do much. Blows that would normally knock out have a harder time of the job. Critical areas affected all the same.

Walking Tarmac [3] Edit

- Like a boulder. Slicing is the most effective way to injure this person. Critical areas are less affected and harder to get a solid blow on.