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Welcome to the Wiki

Thank you for joining us. You're in for a treat, and a wonderful roleplay experience. For more information on any topic regarding our game, feel free to peruse the Wiki. External submissions are currently not allowed to reduce metagame, and will be deleted. If you would like a page created for a new clan, faction, weapon, or anything else, you may submit a request to the forums. For in-game support, please go to Commands > Admin Whisper, and type a short message describing your issue.

What is Era of the Samurai?

Era of the Samurai is an interactive text based roleplay hosted on Byond. The Byond platform allows us to create and host games personalized to our tastes. This one takes place in an alternate universe, based on a Japanese culture. Three main factions reside, and from them we get our class system. While samurai are important to the story, the other two classes are equally so. You may play a monk, shinobi, or samurai; for that matter, you may play any variety of character you wish as long as it adds value to the game.

To get started, download the client and register with Byond.