Risen from the veil of time and evolution, the ninja are a highly adaptable people focused on stealth and subtlety. A mix of cultures and people, they only appear as one in the dark with masks in place. Above all, they value the illusion of equality created by their system of democracy. They believe their freedoms are untouchable, and that they are to be unrestrained by lesser folk and other governments.

Their need for equality, and democracy, has caused their deep hatred of the samurai. The ninja despise everything about them - especially the bushido code. For the ninja, order is kept by following laws and protecting each other's rights.


Due to the broad mix of peoples, the ninja have many cultures to form a greater one. The fluidity of the culture does occasionally cause ripples, but there is a based focus the majority of the time, revolving around the desire to be mysterious and power. Mysticism, athleticism, and all other -isms are strongly encouraged. No one good, or singular idol, or a single symbol can strictly apply to these people - other than a shadow.

Their clothing often resembles this, being understated and soft. While many may prefer a gi, the ninja are not held to uniform and dress only as they feel. There are occasional ceremonial garments, and garments that depict rank; however, they are rarely required for anything at all.


One of the greatest tricks of a ninja is to appear or disappear with little to no warning; however, these people are masters of detection as well as avoidance. Magicians, and parlor tricks, are widely appreciated by them.



Leader, lawmaker, punisher. The Ukeonin is the beginning and end of ninja law and leadership, representing the community as a whole. It is there job to ensure that their community is healthy and thriving.


Second to only the Ukeoinin, this rank is for only the strongest of ninja who have proven themselves over time and through many trials. The Ukeoinin trusts these ninja above all others, and allows them to represent the Ukeonin office.


This trietary rank is the in between. They are battle hardened; however, they have yet to learn what it takes to be a Saishonin. Much of the Nijinin's time is spent training the Dainin and Shitonin, and even teaching those who have yet to swear into the ranks. They maintain order, deferring to the Saishonin when necessary.


These guys are no longer fresh from training; however, they have yet to become battle hardened. They actively seek their professions and maintain their village, often bringing along the Shitonin to show them the ropes.


Least of all, there are those who have recently graduated and are just beginning their journeys as ninja. They seek guidance from those above them and often long for the battles they have yet to face. They should not be confused as weak - growing power rests on their shoulders.