Ranks differentiate characters for in-character and out-of-character reasons. Over all, rank is used to show how greater experience yields a better fighter. That does not mean that rank is the only way to identify a winner in a combat situation - time and roleplay are the only ways to tell. An important thing to remember about rank is that it is not the end-all-be-all for a character. There is much more beyond that!

Rank is handled with a series of numbers applied to the name of the rank. The range is 0-10 (0 is a citizen with no training or ability, 10 is a god.) Numbers are given out over time, but the name of a rank is solely dependent on in-character events.

Example Edit

Imagine a game of black jack. There are four players: a newbie (rank 1), a regular (rank 3), a veteran (rank 5), and the dealer (rank 7). The newbie has the least odds of winning compared to his other opponents, but with a bit of luck he may be able to beat a few of them. The regular has definite advantage over the newbie, but at the same time, he can't control how the cards are dealt - he can only count what's there. The veteran can not only count what's there, but he can place his bets to ensure he loses the least - the best bluffer. The dealer has control, and therefore often wins by default - he has no, or little, stakes and is not emotionally involved.

We have determined by this several things:

  1. The newbie may lose, and may lose a lot, but it's possible he could win a few hands.
  2. The regular may keep what he came with, but he knows what's on the table.
  3. The veteran wins quite a bit, but may be surprised by what his opponents are thrown.
  4. The dealer is simply in control, unafraid of the outcomes from the others because he has nothing to lose.

Charting - Where the Numbers Go Edit

Samurai Rank Name Ninja Rank Name Monk Rank Name Other Number Equivalent
n/a n/a n/a Godly 10
n/a n/a n/a Impossible 9
n/a n/a n/a Insane 8
Shogun Ukeoinin Maha-Thera Hardcore 7
Yoriki Saishonin Thera Difficult 6
Doshin Nijinin Majjhima Intermediate 4-5
Komono Dainin Navaka Medium 2-3
Okapikki Shitonin Samanera Easy 1-2
Citizen Citizen Citizen n/a 0