There are five common senses: smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight. Four of these play major roles in the detection of oncoming opponents and attacks - including poisonings. The two tiers denote the sharpness of a sense. Most people have only one or two very strong senses, and are thus limited to two [2] sense talents.

Associated Talents Edit

Scent Edit

Hound Dog [1] Edit

- From B.O. to garlic, your lack of hygiene or dinner will not go unnoted by this person. They can trace scents like a hound dog, identifying a person or animal by it's natural odor. Note: Rain washes away scents, as does water.

Blood in the Water [2] Edit

- This person can smell even the faintest whiff of chlorine, or that gross homeless guy a few blocks over. The loosest scent particles aren't lost on them, and they are very capable of following said scents. Note: Dun-na. Dun-na. Dun-na-na-na. NA-NA-NA!-NA!

Sound Edit

Jug Head [1] Edit

- Whether their ears poke out of their head or not, this person has superb hearing. From a pin dropping to a lonesome sounding sniffle (because senpai wont notice me), this person will hear it within their immediate radius.

Bat Sonar [2] Edit

- This person doesn't need eyes, as their ears are so advanced. They may have a complete picture of the area around them without opening their eyes, able to pick up details from even the lightest noises.

Sight Edit

Bi-focals [1] Edit

- Like a detective with a magnifying glass, this person can notice sharp details. Fine hairs, scars, hidden weapons, and many more things may be spotted by this person if the time is right and the clues observable.

Binoculars [2] Edit

- Little is escaping the eyes of this person. From a grain of sand to a thread in woven cloth, this person can see minute details. As well, this individual is able to gaze out in the distance and pick out things others may miss. Note: Keep it plausible with physics and the curvature of the earth.

Taste Edit

Connoisseur [1] Edit

- This person has had their share of fulfilling meals and foreign ingredients. Due to their experience, they are capable of discerning poison in nearly any dish.

Gordon Ramsay [2] Edit

- Does the air taste funny? This person can tell you if it does. Odorous occurrences in the nearby area may be tasted by this person, as well as poisons in their food or in the air. Note: 'THERE'S SUGAR IN THIS F*ING RISOTTO.'