Meaning healing technique, shūrijutsu is the name that describes the medical profession. The semi-modern environment allows for the usage common medical devices, such as scalpels and IV bags, but discounts such things as radiation and x-ray. If you are unsure of what this includes in-game, you may 'Admin Help' for more information.

Monks are the primary performers of shūrijutsu, their desire to aid outrunning their desire to injure; however, all factions should have medics that are loyal.

Main Talents

Adept Shūrijutsu [1]

- Once a medic, always a medic. Adepts can treat any and all minor wounds, 2nd degree burns, and most external trauma. This medic may prolong the life of a dying person with their care until said person may be transferred to a Expert. Note: 3 turns.

Expert Shūrijutsu [2]

- Stitches, light cosmetic surgery, and the treatment of internal bleeding may all be handled by an expert in this field. Setting broken bones is a piece of cake, and ensuring optimum recovery is done with ease. On the battlefield, they can ensure that a person will last until a Master arrives. Note: 5 turns.

Master Shūrijutsu [3]

- An apple a day will not keep this master away! Masters are talented in diagnosing and healing all flesh wounds, as well as being able to complete the most simple of surgeries in order to heal a person. All sickness, external wounds, and many internal wounds may be treated by this person with ease. Even poisons will be halted in their tracks, though permanent damage may not necessarily be reversed.

Grandmaster Shūrijutsu [4]

- This person is at the pinnacle of their medical career. No wound and no illness will be left untreated. This person may do any operation required of them, including attaching automail limbs and implanting new hearts where old ones have been removed. As far as treating patients goes, there is no one better.

Associated Skills

Hābujutsu I

- Mixing herbs into poultices is an art. This individual is an expert in the medical field and able to distinguish the subtle differences between several herbs, combining them in sweet symphony to increase the rate of healing on external wounds. This skill is inherent to Expert Shūrijutsu. Note: Must be made out of combat.

Hābujutsu II

- Poultices and poison inhibitors are a breeze for this individual. They can whip them up in a breeze, even in the middle of battle. Poison inhibitors will halt poisons (of equal level), but will not reverse damage. Poultices speed up the healing process out of combat. This skill is inherent to Master Shūrijutsu.

Hābujutsu III

- Potions appear to be magic... but this user understands the balanced chemistry behind them. Not only is this individual capable of creating poultices and poison inhibitors out of herbs during combat, but they can make special potions to increase a specific vital point (such as strength, stamina, etc.) This skill is inherent to Master Shūrijutsu. Note: Potions must be made out of combat.