Talents are associated with certain professions and abilities. Every talent has a rank in a tier system, ranging between [1] and [5], in order of least to greatest. These tiers are to help balance the systems set in place, and to allow a wide range of strengths to be present in the game at once. Some talents have special skills attached, others allow for the crafting of items. Each talent takes a certain amount of time and game involvement.

This page contains the master list of all known talents. No talent may exist in the game and be used in combat if it is not on this page. Special notes may be added to the page.

Skill Talents Edit

Notably, there are some talents that unlock skills. Sometimes the entire purpose for the talent is to get the skill, other times, it is inherent. These talents may be taught to others using the Learn/Teach Verb in-game.

Tier Restrictions Edit

You may not receive any talent that is a tier higher than your highest main profession talent. Also, you may only have two main professions, and the secondary must always be at least one tier below your primary.

Faction Talents Edit

Each faction has a specific talent that they receive as soon as they are graduated into the ranks. With their graduation, they receive this talents. The power of community and good training do a lot of good!

Samurai Edit

- Individuals born into this faction have lived by the way of the sword for centuries. When they begin their training, they have already studied the art of swordmaking and swordkeeping. Their bladegift presents itself in their unique ability to excel at Kenjutsu.

Note: +1 Kenjutsu at knighthood.

Ninja Edit

- This fluid culture has learned to adapt to their surroundings, and in time have found ways to live in secrecy. As such, they prefer to strike from afar. Their skills with thrown weapons are legendary.

Note: +1 Bukijutsu at graduation.

Monk Edit

- Travellers and temple keepers, these gentle spirits fight no wars other than those with the spirits. Knowledgable in the healing arts and balance, these wise folk take sides whenever it suits their needs.

Note: +1 Shūrijutsu at initiation.

In-Betweeners Edit

- Caught up in the world, these factionless individuals are wanderers with no home. They find solace no where but amongst each other, or perhaps out in the wilderness they so desirously inhabit. When they come upon the cities, they often come bearing items to trade and barter. They are respected, but only because they cannot be feared.

Note: +1 Craftsmanship upon admin approval.

Main Profession Talents Edit

Any character may have up to two main professions, but are required to choose one as a primary and the other as a secondary.

Kenjutsu Edit

Adept Kenjutsu [1] Edit

- Live by the sword, die by the sword. This person is capable of basic kenjutsu stances and fighting styles as well as being able to contend with them.

Expert Kenjutsu [2] Edit

- Live by the sword, die by the sword. This person is able to perform difficult fighting styles, easily weaving their sword through the air without effort.

Master Kenjutsu [3] Edit

- Live by the sword, die by the sword. A master of Kenjutsu is able to perform all of the most difficult fighting styles, easily learning new techniques by simply watching an opponent. Their sword seems to blur and vanish to untrained eyes.

Grandmaster Kenjutsu [4] Edit

- Live by the sword, die by the sword. A Grandmaster of Kenjutsu is mastered in all Kenjutsu fighting styles and can contend with them all. Their swords moves with only a whisper of the wind, leaving a trail of devastation in its path.

Shūrijutsu Edit

Adept Shūrijutsu [1] Edit

- Once a medic, always a medic. Adepts can treat any and all minor wounds, 2nd degree burns, and most external trauma. This medic may prolong the life of a dying person with their care until said person may be transferred to a Expert. Note: 3 turns.

Expert Shūrijutsu [2] Edit

- Stitches, light cosmetic surgery, and the treatment of internal bleeding may all be handled by an expert in this field. Setting broken bones is a piece of cake, and ensuring optimum recovery is done with ease. On the battlefield, they can ensure that a person will last until a Master arrives. Note: 5 turns.

Master Shūrijutsu [3] Edit

- An apple a day will not keep this master away! Masters are talented in diagnosing and healing all flesh wounds, as well as being able to complete the most simple of surgeries in order to heal a person. All sickness, external wounds, and many internal wounds may be treated by this person with ease. Even poisons will be halted in their tracks, though permanent damage may not necessarily be reversed.

Grandmaster Shūrijutsu [4] Edit

- This person is at the pinnacle of their medical career. No wound and no illness will be left untreated. This person may do any operation required of them, including attaching automail limbs and implanting new hearts where old ones have been removed. As far as treating patients goes, there is no one better.